Serious auto and motorcycle accidents require the guidance of experienced motor vehicle accident attorneys. The attorneys of Polito | Rodstrom | Burke LLP have over 75 years experience handling all facets of these claims, including cases involving cell phone usage and drivers operating their vehicle under the influence of alcohol. We also handle uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage cases, as well as all types of bodily injury claims, including the loss of loved ones.

After we are retained, we will immediately begin collecting evidence pertinent to your case, and hire investigators and experts as needed. Your focus will remain solely on getting appropriate medical care, while we handle all interaction with the insurance company. We will work with your physicians and other health care providers to assess and review all the short and long term medical aspects of your case, and make sure they are properly documented.

Our firm understands the different sources of recovery available to car accident victims and their families. We also are experienced in asserting various theories of liability that enable injury victims to collect all of the compensation that they are entitled for their injuries. For more information, schedule a free consultation today to discuss your accident. We are here to help you through this stressful and confusing situation.