Children and the elderly are truly the most vulnerable members of our society, and consequently are those least able to defend themselves. Abuse of these vulnerable members of our society can take the form of sexual abuse by a trusted authority figure, or neglect by a nursing home facility and its employees. Any of the following forms of abuse of a child or elderly person warrant contacting an attorney experienced in child sexual abuse cases or nursing home neglect to bring justice to the victim of abuse or neglect, and to make conditions safer for other children or elderly residents. Nursing Home Neglect:

Bed/Pressure Sores

Unexplained Bruises/Cuts

Falsified Medical Records

Medication Errors/Overdoses

Falls by a Resident

Sexual Abuse of a Resident

this hyperlink Sexual Abuse of Children by Teachers or Clergy

Whether they involve teachers, staff, coaches, or religious authority figures, sexual abuse by a trusted authority figure brings incredible harm to the child, parents, and entire family. We handle these matters with competence and compassion, and work with professionals to assist in the healing process. We can help bring justice to the situation by obtaining compensation to help your family recover.

The breach of trust in these cases is enormous, and can take years to understand and heal.

Most personal injury claims are subject to one (1) or two (2) year deadlines. However, child victims of sexual abuse are given time until they reach the age of majority (which is eighteen (18) in Ohio) to file a lawsuit before their one (1) or two (2) year deadlines begin to run.

Many institutions do a poor job of policing themselves as the administrators at such institutions do not want to be seen as having hired or retained an authority figure who abuses a child. Some administrators even go so far as to cover up evidence of the abuse.

Deciding whether to bring action against an authority figure who has sexually abused your child is not an easy decision. A consultation with an experienced attorney may be a good place to start. If your child has been abused by an authority figure, kindly contact our firm for guidance.