If you have more than one criminal conviction in your past and were previously told your convictions could not be sealed from your criminal record, a recent change in Ohio law may be of interest to you.

Before September 28, 2012, individuals previously convicted of more than one criminal offense were unable to have their criminal convictions sealed. As a result, mistakes made in the distant past were precluding individuals from moving on and reaching their full potential due to criminal backgrounds. Jobs for which the individuals may have been ideal candidates were off the table, a result of a couple of poor decisions made long ago.

However, with the passage of Ohio Senate Bill 337, The Collateral-Sanctions Reform Bill, such indiscretions may be sealed from an individual’s criminal history, allowing such individuals to obtain positions of employment that for far too long were previously out of reach.

The Collateral-Sanctions Reform Bill greatly expands the eligibility requirements for those who seek the sealing of their criminal conviction records. As a result of the new law, someone with one felony and one misdemeanor or two misdemeanor convictions can get both sealed, so long as the specific offenses are not otherwise prohibited.

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